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JoJo's Restuarant

53 Drive-in Theater

Red Balloon Restaurant

Randhurst Ice Skating Rink

Big Boy Restaurant Rand Rd and Central Rd

Prospect Theater

Ice Cream Parlor next door: Danneo's!

Sammy Skobel           

What is at the building now?   Site is empty but building has Baby Lou’s Pizza in front

When was business founded:   January 11, 1967

Is business still operating:     No
If no, when did it close:    Late 80s early 90s
Who owned business:      Sammy Skobel, then later, Jim Koebler
Interesting stories, facts, history:
Sammy Skobel is one of Mount Prospect’s local celebrities. He was a famous Roller Derby Champion, during the sport’s heyday. He was born on Maxwell Street in Chicago and became legally blind at the age of four from scarlet fever. However, Sammy never let this hold him back. He tried out and made one of the Roller Derby teams, without telling anyone that he was blind and went on to glory in the sport, winning MVP awards, and setting the speed record for the mile. Following his retirement, he moved to Mount Prospect and started Sammy Skobel’s Hot Dogs Plus on Main Street next to Busse Avenue. This store became an institution in the community, which is still fondly remembered by many who grew up in town. Sammy has also gone on to start golf and down hill skiing organizations for the blind.